Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A knitted cowl

Recently many of you commented on homemade gifts which you are making for Christmas. There were many great ideas-- jars of homemade cocoa, boot cuffs, cowls, dishcloths, gloves, an afghan, potholders,  hats, and scarves. 
Since I finished up with the hat I was knitting, except for the pom pom on top, I decided to knit a cowl to go along with it. I picked up some Bernat Roving wool with one of my 40 percent off coupons, and one skein worked perfectly for the Grace Jones cowl pattern that I used.  I'll be sure to get some pictures of both finished, if the sun ever decides to pop out again.
I would often agree with Kathleen Grace who said,  "I think handmade gifts are the best."

Thursday, December 11, 2014

a quick-to-knit capelet

Since the winter weather has begun, I've really missed the cozy warmth of a woodstove. The thermostat here at the parsonage is being kept at a conservative level--fine when I'm busy and moving around, but a bit chilly when sitting and working on something.  The solution...Magnum Capelet No.2, a cozy shrug which is easily slipped on when needed.  A bulky yarn and large needles allow this to be knit up very quickly, which would make it a great last minute gift idea as well.  It's almost as good as snuggling up close to the fire...almost.
If interested, details can be found on my Ravelry page.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Morning knitting

Enjoying a few moments with tea and some Christmas gift knitting as the sun finally peeks out after several cold, gray days. 

Are you working on any handmade gifts for giving?

Friday, November 21, 2014

ottoman makeover

This ottoman was once an old desk, whose drawer was completely missing.  We removed the legs and used just the top desk part, which I padded with batting.  We added some new shorter legs, and I made a cover out of unbleached osnaburg on to which I painted some red stripes.  You might remember seeing it here in my workroom where I used it to sit at the sewing machine.
In the parsonage we're now renting, I've put the ottoman next to the bay window near the back door--it's a handy place to sit and put on our boots.  It's also Miss Fluffy's favorite perch for keeping an eye on the grounds, and as soon as a cat, squirrel(s), neighbor's dog, or blowing leaf is spotted she can sound the alarm.  I wanted a sturdier fabric to cover the ottoman, something that would hold up to some abuse, and while in Walmart last week saw just the thing. When I saw these black and white cotton accent rugs, I knew they would be perfect.  
I used one rug to cover the top and short sides and cut up the second rug for the two long sides. A little bit of cutting and sewing and I soon had a new slipcover. I made sure to overcast any cut edges as they were very quick to unravel; I have already had it through the wash {despite the warning on the label not to machine wash} and it came out just fine--there was a bit of fading which gives it a nice {I think} aged effect.  
And, Miss Fluffy approves.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The sunroom...

The sunroom in our home was my favorite place, so I'm so happy this rental also has one.  Besides a wall of windows, there are two skylights as well; it's the perfect spot for the East lake fainting couch, a rocker, chair, and lots of books and plants.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

settling in...

Life is becoming somewhat more normal now that we are mostly unpacked and feeling a bit organized.  Though frequently, I think of something I need, but am not able to find.  

We are renting a parsonage; I think it dates to the 1930's and is a two story farmhouse style with a more modern addition on the back. Except for the addition, it has beautiful wooden floors and wide moldings and trim.  My work space is in the front room and has windows on three sides--the light is perfect.  Of all the rooms, that one is my favorite.  The downstairs has all the space the two of us need--living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, workroom, and sunroom, as well as bathroom and a large laundry room, so we are using the upstairs mainly as storage.

After 23 years in our last home, it's a bit unsettling to be living in a strange place, but we are calling it an 'adventure' and looking forward to building in the spring.  I'm missing all my gardens, the hens, and the long walks around our lanes & meadow, but am looking forward to the extra time I should have for sewing this winter. And, baking some homemade bread has made this seem a little bit more like Home.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A new workroom

Still a lot to organize, but I think I may be able to do some sewing - finally!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

homespun cabled boot cuffs ~ in the round

Today's diversion from the seemingly endless job of 
after our recent move
is reworking a boot cuffs pattern I published here in 2012.
There have been some recent requests for instructions for knitting them in the round so I have sat down at the computer
and given it a go.
Please, please be advised that I have not tested this out,
so proceed with caution.
Any feedback is welcome...happy knitting!

homespun cabled boot cuffs

To fit most, up to a calf circumference of 16 inches.

Circumference of boot cuff, unstretched:  approximately 12 inches
Length of boot cuff:  approximately 8 inches

Bulky weight yarn; approximately 150 yards
US #11/8.0 mm double point needles
US #10/6.0 mm double point needles
stitch marker
cable needle
tapestry needle
12 sts /16 rows = 4 inches
Boot cuffs are a great looking, stylish addition to your wardrobe.  They knit up quickly, making them perfect for gift giving as well.  The original pattern was for straight needles, but I have modified it here for knitting in the round.

With US 10 dpn, loosely cast on 36 stitches.  Place stitch marker and join for knitting in the round.
Work in 2 x 2 ribbing as follows:
Rows 1 - 4:  *Knit 2, purl 2; repeat from * to end of row/marker.

Switch to US 11 dpn.  Begin cable pattern as follows:
Rows 1-3:  *Knit 9, purl 3; repeat from * to end of row.
Row 4 :  *Slip next 3 stitches to cable needle and hold in front, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle, knit 3, purl 3; repeat from * to end of row.
Row 5-7:  *Knit 9, purl 3; repeat from * to end of row.
Row 8:  *Knit 3, slip next 3 stitches to cable needle and hold in back, knit 3, knit 3 from cable needle, purl 3; repeat from * to end of row.
Repeat this 8 row cable pattern three times.

Switch to US 10 dpn and work in 2 x 2 rib as follows:
Rows 1 - 4:  *Knit 2, purl 2; repeat from * to end of row/marker.

Bind off in pattern. 

**This pattern is specifically for personal use only**--Thank you so much, Deb.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

changing seasons...

As I sit typing, the honking of Canadian geese flying past can be heard outside the window.  They are a daily sight now as they prepare for their flights south. Though still summer here, the weather has become quite autumn-like and those warm days at the lake are just a pleasant memory.

The garden is winding down--I am picking raspberries, peppers, and a few tomatoes.  This past week I dug the red potatoes, and I still need to harvest the celery and onions.  There are a few pumpkins and many gourds ripening; but no sign of the winter squash I planted. 
I would love to do some sun-dried tomatoes in the dehydrator if time permits--they are the best on homemade pizza!

Yesterday I washed the outside of all our windows {which were looking quite dirty now that the sun is lower in the sky} so the new owners can enjoy the view through sparkling clean glass.

Our closing date is tentatively set for the first week of October, so we're really stepping up the pace on packing!  It's quite chaotic here, but thankfully we have been offered a parsonage to rent while we wait to start building our home in the spring.  

Thank you so much for your encouragement and well-wishes!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Over the weekend...

I did get 5 pints of peaches frozen and baked 'Martha's' peach & blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean, cream biscuits---delicious!


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